Other Accessories

Other Accessories – not manufactured by Custom Design, but carried in our rental inventory

For greater crowd control, while maintaining both safety and visibility, this barricade system provides the security you need. Tapered floors reduce tripping and rounded tops minimize injury. Walls are mesh for added visibility to the floor. These barricades can connect to your standard “bicycle rack” style barricades, providing increased crowd control where you need it most.

We carry (2) different sizes of “toasters” (vertical personnel lifts) in our rental inventory – we have (3) 6’ tall and (2) 7’ tall units. Each one provides uniform and stable travel with uneven load; adjustable speed control; up and down limits; up to 300 lbs. weight capacity; no assembly, ready to go; adaptable to any staging.

There are (2) Wheelchair Lifts in our rental inventory.  These lifts work with stage heights up to 51” and connect to standard power outlets.  No supervisor or technician required to operate.

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