If you can dream it, we can build it. Bring us your creative ideas and we’ll turn them into the unique décor that you need to impress those attending your next event.

We make a variety of chandeliers, from standard size such as the gold one shown here, all the way up to 22’ diameter. We have also made chandeliers designed to separate in half to fit around tent poles, such as the 3-tier model shown here.

One of the easiest, most versatile and affordable décor options is to use stretch fabric material or structures.  We carry a variety of shapes and sizes in stock, some free-standing with frames and some to be suspended from a ceiling, trussing, or other structures.  Custom colors and shapes are available.

We carry black, red and gray carpet in our rental inventory.  We also have a variety of pleated skirting available, mostly black Banjo, Duvetyn, Polyester or Velour.  In addition to those common accessories for our staging, we have several other décor options available for rent or sale – check out our Portfolio for more custom décor photos.

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